Italian Greyhound Tileco Piccolo Levriero Italiano

Italský chrtík Tileco

Italian Greyhound

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26.03.2020 Litter T at the age of 6 weeks.

All puppies are booked.

Talia | Thiago | Tiffany

Tilli | Tiziana | Tonny

17.03.2020 Litter S has 7 weeks.

All puppies are booked.

Sebastiano | Sesillo | Sense Sesto | Sia di Sera | Svago

07.03.2020 A weekend job at Lednice race

7th February we were helping out in Lednice racing areal.

Litter "T

5 weeks old

Litter "S

We are nearly 6 weeks old.

01.03.2020 Slovak Coursing Championship at Adamovská jazera - V4CUP

Alessii Corallo Blue - 10./13
Magii Tileco - 11./13
Mugherino Tileco - 7./8

Our breedings:
Nino Tileco - 6./8
Juno Tileco - 1./2 - sprinter

29.02.2020 The new champions in KCHICH

On 29th of Fabruary a meeting of Italian Greyhound Club members was held in Brno. Our dogs received awards of beauty and performance. It was a lovely day with our friends and nice conclusion of the season 2019.

Alessia Corallo Blue was awarded the title Coursing Champion KCHICH.

Cirillo Tileco was awarded the title Champion KCHICH. He got all his qualifications from veteran where he was shown in 5 countries and he also became Veteran Champion Of Czech, Slovakia, Poland, Hungary and Austria. He was also awarded Veteran Champion KCHICH at Club shows KCHICH (in years 2017, 2018 and 2019), where he was shown in veteran class all together four times and he was alaways The best veteran of Club shows KCHICH.

Magia Tileco was awarded the title Champion KCHICH and she was placed 2nd TOP Italian Greyhound 2019 for all her results in the last year. It is a honourable placing because she does not compete only at shows but she is also doing coursings and races through the whole season. With this our amazing Magie and our other dogs are different from other dogs competing in Clubs ranking of KCHICH. Our Magie celebrated 2 years 26th December 2019.

Thank you Lucie Salakova for club photos and for allowing us to use them, including ranking tables of the competitions.

17.2.2020 Litter T

Puppies are 14 days old.

17.2.2020 Litter S

Puppies are 19 days old.

Magia is Czech Champion of beauty

With the wonderful result from IDS in Brno Magia fulfilled all conditions to become Czech Champion of beauty at the age of 25 months.

02.02.2020 DUOCACIB Brno

Judge: Malgorzata Wieremiejczyk - Wierzchowska
Magia Tileco - Exc.2, res. CAC

Our litters:
Kenedy Tileco - Exc.3

28.01.2020 Litter "T" is here!

Litter "T" was born 1st February 2020 - 2 boys and 4 girls.

28.01.2020 Litter "S" is here!

Litter "S" was born 27th January 2020 - 4 boys and 1 girl.

24.1.2020 Puppies on the way!



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