Italian Greyhound Tileco Piccolo Levriero Italiano

Italský chrtík Tileco

Italian Greyhound

They are finally here! We would like to dedicate this website to our dad - Zdenek Barak.
Thank you for your dedication and long years of cynologic practice. We were thinking about a motto we will put in here and we finally decided for this one:
„Good secrecy above all!“
Your own secrecy. But you and your kennel Tileco are not that anymore! There is not a one person who hadn't noticed your breedings, excellent results at racing and coursing. Not to mention show results. Everyone, who visits the website will understand how much effort, time and hard work you put into the breed. How much joy, success and adrenalin did you and your wife Marie experienced. You support Juniorhandling and work with sight hounds at race in Lednice.
Many "Thank you" for that.

Piccolo Levriero
breeder Zdeněk Barák

We mentioned our biggest success from 2012, but there are so much more of them.

A short introduction of our kennel:
Kennel Tileco was founded in 2005, but we got our first italian greyhound girl already in 2003 - Afrodita Moravia Krystal - "Afra" - from Michal Petr. We already had long years practice with breeding of sight hounds, as we bred afghan hounds under affix Z Michaelina chovu. We are members of Klub chovatelů chrtů (Czech sight hound club) and Klub chovatelů dostihových chrtů v Lednici (Czech Club of racing sight hounds Lednice). We are both into sport (coursing, racing) and shows. We are quite active and successful in both.
Piccolo Levriero
daughter Barbora Tvarogová



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